What is a case service?

Case services are the actual services or products you will perform for your clients.  For example, surveillance, a recorded statement, or a document retrieval. You can create as many case services as you like and can control which ones are available for each Case Type you added.

To create a new Service, click on Settings in the left Navigation bar.  

Look in the Case Customization area and click on Service.

Click on Add Case Service in the upper right corner of the page.

You will now have the opportunity to create a new Service by adding the following:

  • Abbreviation - The acronym used to identify this service.
  • Name - The name of this service, as you want it displayed to your clients and staff.
  • Surv. Auto Status - If the service is surveillance, you can use this feature to make the status' automatically change at various milestones of the investigation.
  • License Required - Use this if the service being entered requires a license to perform. The system with auto-check for a license each time you assign this service to an investigator.
  • Active - This makes the service active in your system or inactive if, for instance, you stop providing that service.

Once you've added these variables, you will now set your list price for this service for both Invoice Item (what you will charge your client for this service) and Expense Item (what your investigator will be paid for this service). You will select the rates and the unit of sale (hour, day, etc.).

Once you've completed these steps, click Submit to complete the entry. All you need to do now is tell the system which Case Types it should be available on.  To do this, simply navigate to the Case Types in the Case Management menu in Settings and add the new Service to the Case Types you want it to be available for.

To edit a Service, click the Settings tab, then Service. Select the service you would like to edit by clicking the edit icon to the right of the service (see below). From there, edit the service as you would when you created the service originally as the functionality remains identical.

Editing Case Services

If you ever want to change the list pricing in your system, click the Setting tab, then Invoice and Expense Item. Once there, select the service you would like to change by clicking the edit icon. From there you will be able to change the pricing, add a tax rate (if applicable) and add a description of the service.

A video on this topic is available

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