When you first sign on to be a part of The Investigator Alliance, Follow these steps first to get your profile properly set up.

Click on your Account Profile and Select ACCOUNT & BILLING

Click MANAGE in the Investigator Alliance section, then select 

Fill out your profile COMPLETELY.  Investigative companies looking to work with you will see your profile and the ABOUT US section.  Be thorough and list your qualifications.  Once finished, click SUBMIT

Next, click on Manage, then select Coverage Areas.

This is where you will select the areas you cover.  You can choose to cover entire states or locations.  

IMPORTANT:  Once you choose an area, YOU MUST UPLOAD A COPY OF YOUR PI LICENSE.   If your state does not require a license, we have that noted in the system.  If you cover an entire state, use the "state" tab and select the state. If you only cover a certain area of a state, click on the "By Location" tab, put in your address and choose the distance from that address you are willing to travel. Once you finish selecting the areas you cover, CLICK SUBMIT.

Click Manage and select Services Offered

Select the services you offer, how you bill for them, and what rates you want to charge.  These should most likely be your subcontracting rate you want to offer to other companies looking for investigators in your area.  Once finished, click SUBMIT.

Click Manage then select Document & Licenses

You will need to upload a license for each state, if applicable, your driver's license, auto insurance and a W9. Click on the + sign next to each item to upload a document. 

After clicking on the + sign, you will need to enter the Document type, document #, State and Expiration date. Then click add license. 

You're all set!  Congratulations and welcome to The Investigator Alliance.