A case type is a very broad and general scope of the type of investigations you do.  Think about this, if you're at a party and someone asks "What type of investigations do you do?", Your reply may be Criminal Defense, Insurance, or Domestics.  Those are case types.

Case Services are the individual tasks or services you perform as part of a investigation and are often the line items you bill for.

Example:  Case Type = Insurance

The client has requested the following services:  3 Days of Surveillance, a Background Check and a Social Media search.

In this one case, you would have these 3 items listed as case services (and you would add these 3 services to your case services list)

Example:  Case Type = Domestic

The client has requested you conduct surveillance on her husband, conduct a bank search, social media search and place a GPS Unit on his vehicle.

These 4 would be listed in the case file as case services.

All cases services that are associated with a Case Type are not utilized on every single investigation, they are simply available.  You may have 30 services that you offer as part of your Domestic Investigation, but just like above, the client has requested 4 be conducted.

Tutorial Video on Case Types

Tutorial Video on Case Services